Mrs.Perkins' Dolch Words is a website dedicated to providing teachers and parents with everything they need to teach Dolch sight words to their children.

What are Dolch words?

In his 1948 book, Problems in Reading, Edward William Dolch published a list of 220 frequently used 'service words' and a separate list of 95 common nouns. These lists are estimated to contain 50-75% of the words in children's books. [Read More]

Dolch Word Lists

Vocabulary word lists, flashcards and Powerpoint presentations, as well as a special sight words story using all 220 of the Dolch words. There are a variety of lists with the Dolch words ordered alphabetically, by frequency or by grade.

Dolch Phrases

Words don't stand alone. They are usually found beside the same words time and time again. Your children can speed up their reading by recognizing these 150 phrases as well as the individual Dolch words. Examples phrases are "if I could" and "in the box".

Dolch Activities

A free 35-page book of Dolch lesson plans. There are 21 activities including bingo, card games, Dolch antonyms, homophones, and many more. Each activity includes a suitable grade level, materials needed, a goal statement, necessary preparation, instruction, practice and review.

Dolch Worksheets

Create handwriting worksheets, flashcards and games with phrases from the Dolch phrase list. Have your children play "Rock Paper Scissors", roll a die, or do a wordsearch with the phrases of your choice!

Classroom Forms and Testing

This page is a collection of templates and forms used in Mrs. Perkins' first grade classroom. Included are lesson plan templates, counting charts, blank calendars, cut-out dominoes, and a number of forms for testing and assessment. A valuable collection for first grade teachers to use or learn from.

Dolch Games

Free printable Dolch games for your classroom. There are only bingo boards at present, but there are five sets covering all the Dolch vocabulary levels. Each set contains 25 pages of colorful reading practice! Keep an eye on this section for more games later.