During this website's many years online, MrsPerkin' has collected an impressive collection of awards which are proudly displayed below.

The Golden Hug Award
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  I have been honored
by one of my families
with this special award
for a lifetime supply
of hugs and kisses!
I will need lots of these
in the coming months.
Thank you!

- May 2004 -

Your site has been awarded the
Ms. Powell's Award of Excellence
in Teaching Resources

for outstanding management
ideas and teaching tips!"
- October 6, 2003 -
"Congratulations on being this month's Busy Teacher's Cafe
Class Website of the Month. This award is given to websites that demonstrate
creativity, innovation, and the overall best in educational technology."

The Busy Teacher's Cafe

Class Website of the Month ~ August, 2003
"First Grade Friends"
"You will find wonderful resources and ideas at this site.
This site also contains lists of Dolch Words, forms, and more.
Take a look at the great site! Congratulations!"
"Congratulations! Your web-site has
been reviewed and chosen to bear the
2003-2004 Golden Web Award
by the International Association
of Web Masters and Designers in
recognition of creativity, integrity
and excellence on the Web."
- February 11, 2003 -

(This is our 4th year to win this award.)
  Golden Web Award
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Special needs Family Friendly Fun -
Enhancing the quality and enjoyment of
family life for special needs families.
  "Special needs
Family Friendly Fun,
is building a directory of websites that enhance the quality and enjoyment of life for families with special needs.
Your site is certainly one of them, so we have created a link to your web site in our directory."
- December 7, 2002 -
My classroom has won this
award for the last 7 years!
- February 20, 2003 -
  Reading Renaissance 2002-2003 Model Classroom   "Congratulations! Your website
has been selected for addition to
The Web's Largest Indexed Directory for Parents and Caregivers!"
- September 18, 2001 -
"Congratulations! Your Web Site
has been selected to receive the
'Songs 4 Teachers A+ Site Award.'
The staff at 'Songs 4 Teachers'
reviews Educational Web Sites
and selects those that we feel
are examples of sites that provide
value to the educational community."
- August 30, 2001 -
  A+Site award - Songs 4 Teachers

"Songs 4 Teachers"
The Great Teacher Award   I am honored by this award,
sent by one of my students
- May 13, 2001 -
It is always encouraging to
know you have had a positive
impact in a child's life.
Thank you!
"We are pleased to feature your class
as our Cool School of the Week."
- Week of Feb. 5, 2001 -

"This is a 1st grade classroom website that is one of the best we have seen this year! It is in Michigan and will appeal to all teachers and students. There are pictures of learning activities, kids' art, downloadable flash cards, teacher assessment forms, and a weekly newsletter. Be sure to check out the classroom projects and field trips."
  Gigglepotz Cool School of the Week Award

 "Every teacher thinking of making their web site needs to take a look here and see what makes an effective and enjoyable class web site! Very impressive!" is also listed with:
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