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Click "New Random List" to get six randomly chosen phrases from the list of 150. Customize the list with phrases you really want your students or children to read, then choose the kind of worksheet you want from the wizards below!

Why not practice six different Dolch phrases each day? Generate a list, print off and cut out the Dolch Flashcards. Chorus them with your children, then play the Dolch Dice game until your kids can read the phrases by themselves.

After that, do some writing practice in D'Nealian or Zaner-Bloser style (thanks to the ESL Writing Wizard website), and then finish off your lesson with a fun word search or 'Rock, Scissors, Paper' game!

Check out for wizards that create worksheets with simple vocabulary and pictures!

Random Dolch Phrases

  1. the funny man
  2. he would try
  3. when you come
  4. some bread
  5. his sister
  6. down the hill
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Dolch worksheets

Create a writing practice sheet with the Dolch phrases above:

Zaner-Bloser style worksheet.
D'Nealian style worksheet.

Dolch worksheets

Create flashcards with the Dolch phrases above:

Create Dolch phrase flashcards.

Dolch worksheets

Create a fun 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' game with the Dolch phrases above:

'Rock, Paper, Scissors' game.

Dolch worksheets

Create a dice game with the Dolch phrases above:

'Dolch Dice' game.

Dolch worksheets

Create a die template with the Dolch phrases above:

Make a 'Dolch phrase' die template.

Dolch worksheets

Create a word search using the Dolch phrases above:

Word SearchWord List
Upper-case Upper-case
Lower-case Lower-case

Easy Difficult

Make a word search.

Dolch worksheets

Create an unscramble sheet in which the Dolch phrases above
are scrambled and the students need to unscramble them:

Make a Dolch unscramble sheet.