The Best Dolch Resources on the Web

This website is just one of many resources for the Dolch word lists. A bit of Googling returns tens of thousands of results for the term "Dolch Words", so rather than have you spend hours looking for what you need, I've made this page to point you directly to the best Dolch materials on the web!

Lists of the Most Common Words in Children's Books

In addition to the Dolch word lists on this site, there are other variations on the web. Ms. Ross has a Wordbook (.pdf only) containing all the words and example sentences using those words. Jan Bret has beautifully illustrated sight word lists, and you can print out practice booklets for words and phrases from Kathy Gursky's excellent Dolch Kit.


Printable Dolch Word Cards

Lists alone won't teach your children the Dolch words. You'll need word cards for games and memory exercises. ABC Teach has a large selection of printable cards. English Raven has color-coded card sets, the Dolch Kit also has printable flash cards and phrases. You can find Dolch phrases with pictures on ABC Teach and Ms. Ross has both PowerPoint and interactive flash cards. Finally, don't forget that you can make Dolch phrase flash cards on this very site.


Worksheets for Teaching Sight Words

When it comes to worksheets, our Dolch phrase worksheet generator has a lot to offer, such as tracing sheets and unscramble worksheets, but you can also give your children some fill-in-the-blank exercises from Turtle Diary. I'll add more worksheet resources as I find them, but take a look at the games section for printable wordsearch puzzles.


Lesson Plans for Dolch Sight Words

The Dolch Kit has some great tips on organization and record keeping to help you manage your sight word lessons. We also have a free, 35-page book of activities you can use.


Great Books to Read and Practice the Dolch Words

On this site there's a free printable story (.pdf) called "The Best Thing In The World" which contains all of the 220 Dolch basic sight words. There is even a color coded version, too. English Raven has a free .pdf Dolch Word Reader called "Why Can't I Fly?", and Hubbard's Cupboard has over a dozen printable booklets to practice reading sight words with.

I'd also recommend Joan Novelli's Sight Word Games book which has 40 activities for K-2 learners. Finally, although not Dolch-word specific, the Oxford Reading Tree series is a great way to get your children reading.


Games You Can Play to Learn the Dolch Words

There are plenty of games and printables you can use to help your children have fun learning the Dolch words. You can get game boards from the Dolch Kit, along with word searches, a Battleships game, Bingo, and games called Pig, Roll, Say, Keep and of course, Concentration.

You can get more word search puzzles at Created By Teachers and Quiz Tree, or generate your own from the worksheet generator on this site. This worksheet maker can also be used for dice and "Rock, Scissors, Paper" games.

For online activities, check out the Dolch games at Room 108, and also the interactive lists at Quiz Tree. If you'd rather download some Dolch software, you should try Sight Words Buddy for Windows. YoYo Brain is a free, online service for creating flashcards, and some interactive cards for the first 100 sight words have been made for you to experiment with.

Finally, if you'd like a book of games then 40 Sensational Sight Word Games should be perfect for you.