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#17 Bingo

Lesson Title/Subject/Grade Level
Grades 2 and 3

Materials Needed
- List or chart of Dolch words you want the children to use
- Pencils
- 1" graph paper, cut into squares 5" across by 6" down, one piece for each student
- Dry beans for markers or 1" squares of colored paper
- A plastic lid or sandwich bag for each student
- Teacher will need a clipboard with paper and a pencil or pen
- On the chalkboard, make a large BINGO grid 5 squares across by 6 squares down
- Small BINGO prizes (see below for suggestions)

Goal Statement
Students will recognize Dolch words.

State Standard Addressed
In this section, the teacher cites the state standard focused on in the lesson.

Review Previous Skills
Students should be able to read at least 15 Dolch words.

Anticipatory Set
The teacher should say, "Today we are going to make BINGO cards and play BINGO. I even have some little prizes for you!" (Prizes might be: M&Ms, small erasers, stickers, a certificate to be line leader for a day, a piece of colored chalk, or small candies or raisins.)

Pass out the pencils and graph paper. Tape the chart of Dolch words to the chalkboard near the BINGO grid you drew.

Show the students how to print "B I N G O" on their graph paper BINGO cards, across the top row of squares, by demonstrating how to do it on your chalkboard grid.

Show the students how to write the word "FREE" in the center square of their cards.

Tell the students to neatly print a different Dolch sight word in each square of their BINGO card. They can use the word list on the board for words to copy. Tell them their card must be different from the cards of the students near them.

Students who finish first can pass out the beans or 1" paper squares for markers. Markers can be kept from falling on the floor by placing them in plastic lids or inexpensive plastic sandwich bags.

When the cards are done, collect them, mix them up, and re-distribute one to each student (not the one he or she made). Explain the game if the students have never played it.

Tell the students to mark their "FREE" space.

To play the game, the teacher calls words at random, using the Dolch word list, for example: "dog," "carry," "chair," etc. As she calls a word, she writes it on her clipboard so she can check the winning card. There is no need to say the letters in the word "BINGO," just call a word, which can be located anywhere on the child's card. As each word is called, the students mark it with a marker.

When a student has marked a full row across, down, or diagonally, he or she calls out "BINGO." The teacher checks the card for accuracy using the list of words she has called and awards a prize.

Guided Practice
Continue on in this manner, playing several games and trading cards after each one to maximize reading practice.

Independent Practice

Have each winning student read their winning row aloud.

Collect and laminate the cards for later use.