Recommended Products for Teaching Dolch Words

Dolch Word Books

For a selection of sight word readers, see Mrs. Perkins' Recommended Dolch Readers.

Printable Books for Children

Kate Kupenova has been teaching English as a Second Language for over ten years, but has always found it difficult to find inexpensive storybooks graded for different levels. So she decided to make her own, complete with writing and various activities including crosswords, mazes and puzzles.

Printable Books for Children

Take a look at her sample pages and order books for as little as $1.50 at ESL Printable Books for Children.

SpellQuizzer Spelling Software

SpellQuizzer is Windows software designed to automate the chore of using written spelling lists. Make your own or import one of the available spelling lists (including all the Dolch words) and have your child practice his or her spelling on the computer. It's much more fun for your child and easier for mom and dad.

SpellQuizzer Spelling Software

See screenshots, watch video demonstrations, and download a free trial at

Er-u-di-tion Sight Words Game

This great new board game introduces players to 284 common sight words as they journey through "Literacy Land". What better way to improve your children's reading ability than having them want to do so! All the game cards are color coded by reading level, so children of all ages can join in.

Er-u-di-tion Sight Words Board Game

You can find the Erudition Board Game on

Singing Sight Words

The Singing Sight Words series has grown to four volumes, offering plenty of fun songs to help your children build their reading skills. Each volume has a CD full of catchy melodies that use the Dolch words and an accompanying book to provide the crucial link between the songs and the written language.

Singing Sight Words

To learn more, visit Sara Jordan's Songs That Teach Reading.

Dolch Sight Word Flash Cards

Picture Me Reading has a wonderful set of Dolch flash cards, containing all 220 Dolch words. The cards are double-sided with a pictograph on one side and the plain, printed word on the other, with an example sentence using the word from the card. You can also get the sight words on stickers.

Dolch Sight Word Flash Cards and Stickers

Visit the Dolch Sight Word Flash Cards and Stickers page.

Sight Word Games

Joan Novelli's 64 page book, 40 Sensational Sight Word Games, is just as the title suggests. There are games like Sight Word Soup, Simon Says Sight Words and Guess My Rule, all intended to teach children the top 100 sight words and become better readers.

Sensational Sight Word Games

Read the reviews of 40 Sensational Sight Word Games.

Dolch Sight Words Screen Saver

The Dolch Sight Words Screen Saver for Windows is more than just a screensaver. As well as displaying different words on a chalk board, you can listen to the word being spoken by clicking the cassette player and skip to the next word with a click on the board eraser.

Dolch Words Screen Saver

Download the Dolch Words Screen Saver for FREE at Warning! When installing the software, you will be asked to either accept or decline other third-party software. If you don't want that on your computer, just click "Decline" on those steps.

If you have a Dolch words product the you would like to recommend, please contact me.