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#11 Replace A Word

Lesson Title/Subject/Grade Level
Replace a Word
Grades 1, 2, and 3

Materials Needed
- List of Dolch words you want the children to use or a list of all the Dolch words, including the nouns.

Goal Statement
Students will read Dolch words and use them in sentences.

State Standard Addressed
In this section, the teacher cites the state standard focused on in the lesson.

Review Previous Skills
Students should be able to read at least 20 Dolch words, including some nouns.

Anticipatory Set
The teacher should say, "Today we are going to practice reading sight words. We will use the sight words in sentences I will write on the board."

Tell the students you are going to write a sentence on the board. Hand out a list of Dolch words to each student.

Print this sentence on the board. "The little _______________ is brown." Ask the students if they can find a sight word on the list that will make sense in the blank. They may say "dog" or "cat" or "house." Ask the students to continue to find words that will make sense in the sentence. After each word, ask the students to read the sentence aloud.

Then, print this sentence "We like to play __________ ___________. The children must use two words to fill in the blanks. Read the sentence aloud.

Guided Practice
Continue on in this manner, using these sentences or sentences you create yourself:

I like to run and ______________ in the park.
The flowers in the garden are _______________.
________________ chickens live on the farm.
My house is ________________.
The children go _______________ the table.
Mother and Father will ______________ and ______________.

Independent Practice
Assign students to write several Dolch sentences themselves.

Have several students read their sentences aloud.

Assign students to write some Dolch sentences for homework.