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#13 Chance

Lesson Title/Subject/Grade Level
Grades 1, 2, 3

Materials Needed
- Dolch words printed in large print on cards (5" by 8" or larger)
- A box big enough to hold the upside down word cards

Goal Statement
Students will read Dolch words.

State Standard Addressed
In this section, the teacher cites the state standard focused on in the lesson.

Review Previous Skills
Students should be able to read at least 20 Dolch words.

Anticipatory Set
The teacher should say, "I have a game for you to play today. It is called Chance. In this game, I will call on one of you to come to the front of the class and pull 3 sight word cards from this box. After you read the 3 words, you will choose the next person to take a turn."

Call on one person to come to the front of the class and choose 3 word cards from the box.

The student should read the 3 words and then pick another student to take his place.

If a student cannot read a word, tell him the word and place the card aside.

Place the words read correctly aside also.

Guided Practice
Continue on in this manner until all students have had a turn. If the word cards are all placed aside before the game is finished, mix them up and replace them in the box.

Independent Practice

Use the cards as flash cards for the class to read as a group.

Play the game once a month.