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#14 Riddles

Lesson Title/Subject/Grade Level
Grades 1, 2, 3

Materials Needed
- Large chart of the Dolch words, especially the nouns
- Some riddles made up by the teacher to use during the lesson
- A ditto for each student with two riddles on it
- Pencils

Goal Statement
Students will read Dolch words.

State Standard Addressed
In this section, the teacher cites the state standard focused on in the lesson.

Review Previous Skills
Students should be able to read at least 25 Dolch words.

Anticipatory Set
The teacher should say, "I have a game for us to play today. It is called Riddles. In this game, I will read a riddle to you one line at a time. After each line, someone will try to guess the sight word the riddle is about."

Fasten the chart of Dolch words to the chalkboard.

Read this riddle one line at a time. Choose a child after each line to try to guess the sight word being talked about in the riddle.

"I am something you see all the time."
"I am red."
"You can make a pie with me."
"You can eat me." (Apple)

Guided Practice
Continue on in this manner until all the riddles have been solved. Some sample riddles:

"I am an animal. I am usually small. I can be black, brown, red, yellow, or white. I live on a farm. I go 'cluck, cluck."

"Everyone has two of me. I am part of your body. You are using me right now. I help you see."

"I am a word that describes things. I am a word that tells how something looks. I can be used to describe people or things. I am the opposite of 'young.'"

"I am a color. I am not a primary color. I am a combination of yellow and blue. I am the color of grass and leaves."

Independent Practice
Give the students a pencil and the ditto with two riddles on it for them to solve.

Call on two students to read the riddles on their paper and give the answers to the riddles.

Send some Dolch word riddles home to solve for homework.